Marieke Koopman is one of the most sought-after jazz performers of the Netherlands. Her love for stories, emotions but also beautiful melodies were and are the drive behind Marieke’s interpretations and improvisations. Her unending energy and urgency both on stage and in real life are truly captivating to her audience.

After graduating she started focusing on swing jazz and performing with Big bands. She started frequenting venue’s in the Netherlands like: Nick Vollebregt, Singer theatre, the Doelen Jazz-café. Dutch festivals like ‘Generations jazz festival’ Apeldoorn and ‘Meerjazz festival’ Hoofddorp. And also some famous international festivals like ‘Bachcelona festival’ (Barcelona, Spain) and ‘Sachsische Mozart fest’ (Chemnitz, Germany).

In the fall of 2019 Marieke embarked on an exciting new project: A debut album. In choosing her repertoire, she was she was reminded of a story from her grandfather being a great jazz drummer in the Swing-era and wartime. She finally understood her musical-roots in jazz from the early 30’s until the late 40’s. The theme of her debut cd was born. She recorded ‘Chapter ONE’ with record label Challenge International and released the album in spring of 2021. Next to that she also recorded several singles.

‘Through her truly lived interpretations it’s not hard to see that jazz is in her genes. She keeps searching the stories and emotions and translates this with an energetic, melodic drive into instinctive improvisations.’.» | Bernard Lefèvre.

‘With perfect phrasing and enormous narrative talent, this trained actress and singer takes on the Evergreens of ‘the great American Songbook’ with an enormous Big band kit on her debut album ‘Chapter ONE’.» | Josef Engels

‘Marieke sings with an equally swinging style with elastic voice guidance and breathes both authenticity and revised modernity into the song. In addition, she maintains her own singing style, which may be based on some role models, but ultimately remains quite individual » | Wolfgang Giese. 

Planning for the future, Marieke is taking some inspiring steps. In 2025 she is planning on recording her next album. Next to recording a cross-over project with Renaissance works in combination with jazz, arranged by award winning arrangers, she will also frequent several festivals with her program ‘If Shakespeare could swing’. Next to that  she will embark on recording original pieces.

Marieke performs in jazz clubs and theatres with her Big band and combo and is frequently invited to international festivals to perform with local professional musicians. Her repertoire is very extensive and includes styles as swing, wartime jazz, early bebop as well as contemporary jazz and famous composers as Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irvin Berlin and many more.

The next performances will take place on the 25th of Mai at ‘Museum Bevrijding Bevolking’, Rijswijk (Bigband) from 11.30 till 17.00;  June 30th ‘Luxor Theater’, Rotterdam (Bigband) from 14.00 till 17.00, July 13th Privat party (duo), Angouleme (France) and October 6th ‘Luxor theater’, Rotterdam (Bigband) from 14 till 17.00. For more information, click here.

Marieke studied singing with teachers as Astrid Seriese (The Hague), Floor van Zutphen, Sanna van Vliet and Deborah Carter (all in Amsterdam). Next to refining her singing technique she also studied lyrical interpretation with acting teachers as Nelleke Zitman, Erik v/t Wout, and Truus te Selle in Amsterdam, who brought her a strong understanding of words, subtext and meaning, but also on how to incorporate words, melody, and persona into one strong performance.

Marieke Koopman was destined for music. Growing up in a musical household, Marieke was always surrounded by musicians, music, and creativity. “Even as a kid I was always singing, wherever I was!” As a daughter of two well-known award-winning musicians, it was no surprise she chose a creative and musical life as well.

Marieke lives with her husband and two daughters near Amsterdam.


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