‘Theater opens a door to your dreams! No matter how old you are.’

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As a writer as well as an actrice she hopes to inspire her young audience and hopes to introduces them in the wondrous world of Barok music and theatre. Since 2013 Marieke has partnered up with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Ton Koopman in creating theatre concerts for children of all ages, 0-99. Mostly because she believes that we never loose our inner child! You are never to old to enjoy and believe in stories!

Marieke played in many of the big venues all over Europe, like Concertgebouw (Amterdam,NL), The Doelen (Rotterdam, NL), Petit Palau (Barcelona, ES), Theatro Dal Vermo (Milan, IT), Auditorium de Lyon (Lyon, FR) and many more. In the future Marieke hopes to further broaden her international career.


Marieke Koopman is an actrice, writer and director and has written, co-written and played several plays:

  • The bored prince (dir. Christiaan Mooij, 2021)
  • I am Knight  (dir. Christiaan Mooij 2017)
  • Schone Handen- a matthew passion for children (dir. erik v/t Wout, 2017)
  • Caecilia (dir. Hans Thissen 2015)
  • The mystery of snow (co-writer en dir. Tg Blokkendoos 2015)
  • Oorwurm (co-writer en dir. Dagmar Slagmolen 2014)
  • De Praatbak (co-writer en dir. Tg Blokkendoos 2014)
  • Niets (co-writer en dir. Tg Blokkendoos 2013)


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